What is eXplosive Dinosaurs?

eXplosive Dinosaurs is a collection of +30 FRIENDSHIP DESTROYER COMPETITIVE MINIGAMES for up to 4 players.

The main objective of this game is to DESTROY FRIENDSHIPS THROUGH PURE COMPETITION! 
(RAWR LAB shall not be responsible for any FUN the players might have end up having.)

Do you remember old times when 4 players would play and enjoy healthy competition all together in the same room?
That's the experience we want you to RELIVE and SHARE, but also with a lot of new creative different minigames.

The perfect game to play at parties parties or with siblings! 

Available by december 2018 for Steam and OUYA!

The (eXplosive) dinosaurs

Why do they blow up so often? No idea, but they LOVE it!



Loves to win, but he's also a bad loser and sometimes hides his tears behind its sunglasses



Tough player, she loves pure competition, and won't ever give up until the very end



Looks like competition bores her...
but deep inside she fancies it



He's just scared all the time...
The most cowardly velociraptor in the world!

A "few" minigames

Packed with more than 30 minigames
(Some minigames are work-in-progress)

Special minigames

Cameos from other indie games and minigames created by our users with the
Minigame Development Kit

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