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MDK - Minigame Development Kit

We don't want the party to stop, ever, so as long as the game has users interested in making it bigger, the game will still be growing with their contributions!

This kit includes many common game mechanics integrated (moving, running, jumping, collisions, platforming, jetpacks, scrolls, etc...) but the users can also program their own game mechanics or features, the way they want, programming with the engine's syntax.

You could say that the limit is your imagination... and the 2D engine :)

If you're interested, have a peek at the MDK's BETA documentation.

We, the team behind of eXplosive Dinosaurs, commit ourselves to create at least 40 fun minigames in the base edition of the game, but we would love to have lots of more minigames created by XD's players, making of XD an almost infinite videogame!

Do you want to be one of the first to create a minigame for XD?
Don't hesitate to contact us!

But... We're sorry to say you won't be the first. Here's a video of our main programmer, Pablo Navarro, trying to speak in english with DrunkPunk, in an old Youtube live video (no cuts!):