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RAWRLab - Prehistory

Once upon a time... there was a Gamejam. Specifically a Global Gamejam, in Madrid, on 2011.

January 2011: The idea is born

Pablo Navarro, the starring guy from the beginning of this story, was there participating and he set out to create a videogame in 48 hours. He had already developed some games before, so he thought he was really capable of doing that. In fact, he'd been teaching for a few years in short videogame development workshops, which gave him an idea...


You could say that Multiplayer is his second name, so he wouldn't hesitate for a second and designed a minigame party game inspired by Mario Party and... a complicated youth. Se podría decir que Multijugador es su segundo nombre, por lo que no dudó ni un segundo y diseñó un juego de minijuegos inspirado por Mario Party y... por una juventud complicada. Thus it was born...

Don't play if you have to drive

(Created by Pablo Navarro, Miguel Zhang y Daniel Etitan)

This "thing", which later would become Explosive Dinosaurs, was some kind of Mario Party in which the players would have to drink a shot everytime they lose in any minigame and also had a boardgame that had no relation at all with the minigame's results. It made no sense at all!

A few years passed and...

May 2013: The initiative

Inspired by the OUYA gaming console, that allowed any developer to release games in it, and for the possiblity of getting financed in Kickstarter, Pablo told himself:


And he started doing it, like he says.

He made some contacts with people interested in game development, and its different disciplines, and assembled this AWESOME team:
  • Jorge de Juan - 2D artist
  • Daniel Aguayo - Music producer
  • Joseba García - Engine programmer
  • Carles Vicent - Minigame engine
  • Pablo Navarro - Director & main programmer
And that's how the team was born...

They were developing the game for about 8 months in a slow and calm pace, in their spare time. Then, time caught up, they worked 3 more months infinite hours a day in the prototype and in the marketing material that would be shown in the Kickstarter project. This is what they got:

Everything was done... Everything was ready... Or not?

June 2014: Ready? Attack on Kickstarter!

And they launched the Kickstarter...

They made all the noise they could, but failed. The theory was all clear, but seems like the practice is another world and it wouldn't help them to get those 30,000$.

August 2014: The fall of RAWRLab

The group wasn't so much group anymore.

The dream was almost gone.

Jorge de Juan and Daniel Aguayo preferred to leave the project, and the project was suspended in august 2014.


But, luckily, this story won't just end here.

Early 2015: Rebirth

After some long vacation, Pablo, Carles and Joseba, decided to take on back the project, but with a different perspective:
They were not longer thinking about developing and selling product. Instead, they preferred to dedicate their efforts to create the videogame that they had in mind, at a really slow pace, as a pure hobby in their spare time, even if it takes 5 years to complete this game.

And here ends the "prehistory" of RAWR Lab and Explosive Dinosaurs. If you want to know how it goes, remember to visit us from time to time ;)