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RAWRLab - Who are we?

We're a group of friends who want to create the best, and biggest, minigame collection party game ever.

Those are their members:

Pablo Navarro

Director, designer and main programmer
You could say he can do many things, but all half-done.

Carles Vicent

Minigame programmer
When Pablo is stuck with one algorithm, Carles comes to the rescue!

Joseba García

Engine programmer
His work makes the game engine to be much faster, so the other two guys can program less efficiently.

Although, to be honest, you can't tell the team finishes here, because this game would not have been possible without the direct or indirect support of the following:

Kevin MacLeod

Music producer (passive member)
Creator of all Explosive Dinosaurs songs, available for free on its website under a Creative Commons license.
He's not officially part of the team, but our game includes many songs from him (Thanks!).

Daniel Aguayo

Music producer
Former member of RAWRLab

Jorge de Juan

2D artist
Former member of RAWRLab

And we can not forget one of our most important members...


Download our Minigame Development Kit and help us to make Explosive Dinosaurs a videogame with infinite content!