eXplosive Dinosaurs

English press kit - Updated 15/10/2018


0. About this document and most important info

1. Brief description: What is eXplosive Dinosaurs?

2. Extended description: What is eXplosive Dinosaurs?

3. Highlighted minigames

4. Who are we?

5. What are our plans with eXplosive Dinosaurs?

6. Our contribution to the free software and game development communities

7. FAQ

8. Images: Logos and concept arts

9. Images: Screenshots

10. Images: Highlighted minigames’ GIFs

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0. About this document and most important info

We really THANK YOU your attention and your support. We promise we’ve done a really fun party game, but because we made it in our free time and with a zero-budget, we need as much help as we can get to reach our target audiences: arcade social gamers that love to compete up to 4 players in front of the same TV.

Don’t hesitate to contact Pablo Navarro (RAWR Lab’s CEO) at this e-mail address:

Most importante features (TL;DR):

- +30 competitive minigames for up to 4 players (37 including collaborations)

- Satirical humor, social fun and some memes.

- It will be published in december 2018 on Steam for just $8.

- We’ll also release the game in OUYA, as we promised 4 years ago.

- After releasing the game, we’ll be adding more minigames for free.

- Some of our efforts have been used to improve a few open source projects: PixTudio, SDL2 and some resources for other game developers.

1. Brief description: What is eXplosive Dinosaurs?

eXplosive Dinosaurs is a collection of +30 FRIENDSHIP DESTROYER COMPETITIVE MINIGAMES, up to 4 players. The main objective of this videogame is to DESTROY FRIENDSHIPS THROUGH PURE COMPETITION.

(RAWR LAB shall not be responsible for any FUN the user might have end up having.)

Recommended requirements:

For PC (Steam) in december 2018 for just $8


Youtube trailer (WIP): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCtzpmtvoKM&

2. Extended description: What is eXplosive Dinosaurs?

Those are just 10 of the +30 competitive minigames included in eXplosive Dinosaurs, all of them for up to 4 players. Logic, action, RPG, strategy, platforming… All kind of minigames!

And that’s not all of it: We plan to add more minigames every month with free updates!

Inspired by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.

3. Highlighted minigames

(There are pictures and GIFs of them at the end of the document)

4. Who are we?

We are RAWRLab, a game studio created by a group of friends from Spain for the development of this game. After 5 years working on it in our free time, we’re finally ready to release the game.

The staff:

- Pablo Navarro - Director and main programmer.

- Carles V. Ginés - Minigame programmer, takes care of complex algorythms.
José María Pérez - 2D Graphic artist
Joseba Echevarria - Game engine programmer (PixTudio)

Also mention the important contributions of some collaborators, like our translator Laura Pérez, our intern Abraham Sánchez and Kevin MacLeod’s music, from Incompetech.com, that we use under Creative Commons license.

5. What are our plans with eXplosive Dinosaurs?

We’ll be publishing the game on different PC platforms, but mainly Steam in december this year.

Then, we’ll be adding minigames for free every month to the game as long as our players ask for them.

After that, we’ll try to release an ultimate version in Nintendo Switch, but it’s not confirmed yet.

6. Our contribution to the free software and game development communities

We started making this game with the engine BennuGD (free software, easy to use, 2D game engine), but it lacked a few features like Android or OpenGL support.

That’s why Joseba Echevarría decided to fork BennuGD into PixTudio and add a lot of modern features that the original engine was missing. It can be downloaded from its website:


Joseba also made improvements in gamepads and sensors support to SDL2, which is one of the biggest game development libraries used by many projects, like Steam’s Big Picture.

Not just that. He also inspired Pablo Navarro to create a manager for PixTudio’s projects (PixTudio Project Manager). It hugely simplifies packing, handling resources and exporting the game to multiple platforms. It’s available on its own website, along a few example games:


PixTudio currently supports Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS. As it’s based on C and SDL2, it’s really easy to port it to many other platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4.

7. FAQ

What is the difference between XD and other party games?

XD is oftenly compared with other titles like Mario Party and Wario Ware, but XD’s minigames are different: they are more complex and they require moderately skilled competitive players.

We also try to make every minigame as fair as possible to every player, with responsive controls and competitive details. The minigames are meant to be fun and replayable.

There are no luck-based minigames, we don’t like them. “The green brother” shouldn’t win by doing nothing :) (/meme)

What is XD’s current status?

99% done. There are a few bugs here and there, but it’s “readier” than most games that are released nowadays (to be fair, our game is not complex at all).

What is the target audience of XD?

Friends and siblings from 7 to 99 years. There are a few harder minigames but most of them are easy to understand for everyone.

Why do you think players will buy your game?

We don’t have the resources to make a good marketing campaign, but we hope that its fun gameplay, its low price and the mouth-to-mouth will help us to reach our target audience.

What are the “pros” and “cons” of XD?


- Sane competition and lots of social fun

- Fun gameplay mechanics, really polished

- Arcade gameplay feeling

- Good number of different minigames

- Low price, really accesible

- 60 FPS in any PC, without input lag


- It’s not as fancy as many of the impressive indie games that are released nowadays.
- Local multiplayer only. You’ll need to have your friends in the same room to play with them, which is kind of old-fashioned nowadays (except in Nintendo Switch).

Why don’t you release XD directly on Nintendo Switch?

We’ve contacted a few publishers but we didn’t get to an agreement yet, and it’s not easy to get a Nintendo Switch SDK if you’ve never developed a game for one of their game consoles.

Why doesn’t it have online multiplayer?

We tried, but didn’t succeed. We couldn’t solve some important bugs and lag issues.

Will you be adding more minigames for free after releasing the game?

Sure!! The first published version will have at least 30 minigames, but we already have some more in the making. Our motivation will also depend of our players: if more players buy our game, we’ll be able to keep on working on it!

We have no plans to make any paid DLCs.

8. Images: Logos and concept arts

9. Images: Screenshots

10. Images: Highlighted minigames’ GIFs

11. Videos

12. Links and social networks